Viper SRT/10 (2003-2010) Fog Light Trim (Set of 2)



Included:  2 x Fog Light Trim Rings, 1 Promoter packet,  1 Test stick kit



1.  It is critical for you to thoroughly clean the surface where you will be mounting it.  To do this wash the area with soap and water.
Next use rubbing alcohol and thoroughly scrub the area.  If there is any wax or oil of any kind your trim ring will not stick well.


2.  Once you have completed the surface preparation use your Test Stick Kit (included).  Peel back the red liner off the small piece of tape and try sticking a corner of it on to the surface you will be mounting your trim ring.  Try it in several locations.  Stick and pull off.  If it sticks tightly your surface is ready for you to mount your trim ring.


3.  Take out the Promoter and rip the packet open.  Remove the moistened towlette and wipe down the areas where you will be mounting your trim pieces.


4.  Take out of your trim rings - without removing the back liner - set it up against the area it is to be mounted.  If necessary - gently bend the the trim ring to match the contour of the body.  Become familiar with the way it will fit once mounted.  Now do the same for the other side.


5.  (Note: once you remove the red liner you may not return the the product)  Take the first trim ring and remove the rear red liner.  Be careful not to touch the rear sticky tape against anything including your fingers.   Hold the trim ring about a half inch above the area where you plan on mounting it.  Line it up. 
Slowly and gently lower the trim ring on the surface.  DO  NOT press it down yet.  Make any minor adjustments.  Once you are satisfied with the fit press down along the whole surface firmly.
Now do the same with the other side.


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