PCM Problems?

Too often the PCM is the first thing that is blamed when a vehicle has an electrical problem because you might think it is an easy fix because it is easy to replace.
However, if you have an electrical problem the PCM is most likely the last thing that it could be.  It is more likely the TIPM (totally integrated Power Module) or a poor electrical connection or a short within the wiring than the PCM.  But these things are hard to track down are time consuming and expensive to diagnose. 

A PCM has no moving parts.  It is simply a computer with a program.  It doesn't stop working by itself.  It takes an electrical anomaly or surge to damage it. 


***WARNING***  BEFORE you install a repaired or replacement PCM:


If your PCM is not functioning properly - it means it has been damaged by something electrical related.  Although sometimes it can be damaged by an outside source like lighting or by improperly jump starting your vehicle it usually something within your vehicles own electrical system.  Any component that is wired into your electrical system can cause damage to your PCM.  Water pump, battery, starter, ect.  A short in your wiring connections or an exposed wire can cause damage.
The point is that if you do not fix the underlying problem, when you go to install a new or repaired PCM the "problem" will damage the PCM again.   If that happens your PCM warranty does not cover it.
This why it is so important to first have a certified mechanic properly diagnose the electrical problem and fix it BEFORE you reinstall your PCM again.

In summary:
1.  Have your vehicle checked out by a dealership or a certified mechanic and properly diagnosed.
2.  Fix the electrical problem if necessary.
3.  If a PCM is needed try to have the one you have repaired and install under the supervision of an experienced certified mechanic.
4.  If it can not repaired purchase a new PCM and install under the supervision of an experienced certified mechanic.

When installing a PCM.  PCM's must be programmed with your vehicle year and model specific program.  Then it must be flashed with your specific VIN and mileage.  Any Dealership for your vehicle can do this for a service charge.
You may also purchase a PCM with all the programming done so all you have to do is install it.


This PCM (power train control module) or TCM (transmission Control module) which from herein referred to
as "PCM/TCM" has a 120 day limited warranty from the day we shipped it to you. 
Warranty is enforced by Hot Car Accessories, inc. (hereby referred to as "HCA") at it's sole judgment.

This PCM/TCM is delivered to you - inspected and tested to be in good working order.

CAUTION:  PCM's have no moving parts.  They do not break on their own.  It takes an electrical surge to damage them.  This can be done by jump starting the vehicle improperly, an outside electrical surge or an engine component that is electrical such as s water pump.  If you have not corrected of fixed the original problem that caused your PCM to be damaged then your new or repaired PCM will also be damaged.  This type of damage is not covered by warranty.
We highly recommend you have a certified mechanic or Dealership first determine what blew the original PCM and then correct it before you install the new one.     

For problems that occur and are covered under this warranty HCA will repair, reset or replace your PCM/TCM we provided you under the warranty conditions within the warranty time period.  If a PCM/TCM is not available then a prorated refund will be issued.

Covered under this warranty:
► Circuit chips on the circuit board and solder connections that fail do to wear out - under normal driving conditions with car or truck engine, engine components and electrical system functioning properly as determined by HCA. 

NOT Covered:
► Circuit chip failures due to power surges from car or truck engine, engine components or electrical system, or outside sources.  This will be determined on the test bench and interior inspection of PCM/TCM by HCA or its authorized labs.
► Disconnecting the battery and reconnecting improperly. 
► Using your vehicle's battery to provide power to an outside source such as jumping another vehicle.
► Cracked or broken PCM/TCM's due to installation or removal.
► Improper installation or removal of PCM/TCM
► If stickers installed from HCA or it's labs are removed from the PCM/TCM.
► PCM has been opened and worked on by some other person or lab.

If you have problems with your PCM/TCM within the warranty period:
1.  First call us for a return authorization number and the correct return address at (352) 688 8160 M-F.
2.  Send it to HCA with the Return authorization number printed on the outside of the box to the address we will provide.  You must include your name, address, phone number and email as well as a detailed description of the problem(s) you are experiencing.  You are responsible for ensuring that it arrives undamaged to HCA as well as packing it properly and insuring it for it's value.
3.  HCA will either repair, reset or replace the PCM/TCM.  If no PCM/TCM's are available a prorated refund will be issued.
4.  If upon inspection HCA determines there is in working order and no faults are found you are responsible for the cost of $150.00. which is what the lab charges to re-inspect  If a fault is found covered under the warranty return shipping is free within the USA and Canada.  Other locations will need to pay for return shipping.

Termination of Warranty:
If HCA rebuilds your PCM/TCM or provides you with another PCM/TCM and problems persist - this indicates clearly that there is another mechanical or electrical issue affecting the PCM/TCM and this will terminate the warranty.
If the PCM/TCM has been opened, unsealed or tampered with, or missing parts as determined by HCA.
If the PCM/TCM shows signs of burns or outside damage.
HCA is not liable for any monetary amount more than the price paid to HCA for this service.

Once this PCM/TCM is accepted by the customer or his or her installer or is installed by anyone in any car you acknowledge that HCA has the sole authority to determine whether PCM/TCM issues fall under this limited warranty.